iKarmel Doggy Dailies – Dog Calming – Anxiety Support – Anti Stress & Nervous Treats – 180 Dogs Chew Supplements – Calm in 4-6 Weeks


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  • ✔️DOG CALMING PRODUCT Doggy Daily calming treats have been proven to Help anxiety in dogs Stress Aggression Training Travel Nervous Behaviour Weather Related Woes Or simply Hyperactivity. In 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately our treats are not a miracle cure but has been proven to help.
  • ✔️DOG ANXIETY SUPPORT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Natures Heaviest Hitters Chamomile Valerian Root Passionflower Thiamine L-Theanine Tryptophan Ginger Root Magnesium. Only Premium products used.
  • ✔️WHEN AND HOW OFTER SHOULD THEY BE TAKEN? Exactly what it says on the label These treats are design for Doggy Daily use. There is also a chart on the label stating how many can be taken Please check the imagery within the listing also. Please allow 4-6 WEEKS to see the full results.
  • ?NOT A MIRACLE CURE- Although to some it might seem that way. Although we have put our best paw forward in the creation of our calming chew Unfortunately Doggy Dailies Calming treats are unable to train your dog if it has underlining behaviour issues. Please seek a dog behaviour expert. iKarmel Calming treats has helped so many of our furry friends and that is what we have set out to do. Please allow 4-6 weeks to see the full results
  • ✔️INACTIVE INGREDIENTS Coconut Oil Oat Flour Rice Bran Rice Flavour Flaxseed Natural Chicken Flavouring Sunflower Lecithin Natural Duck Flavouring Coconut Glycerine Sorbic Acid Rosemary Extract Mixed Tocopherols Arabic Gum Buffered White Distilled Vinegar. NO ADDED COLOURING OR PROSERAVTIVES USED