HomeoPet LEAKS NO MORE – 100% Natural Pet Medicine. Urinary incontinence or leaking due to old age, spaying or neutering. Pets of all ages. 15ml/up to 90 doses per bottle


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  • HELPS PROMOTE TEMPORARY RELIEF FROM URINARY INCONTINENCE OR LEAKING that can occur in older pets spayed females and neutered male animals
  • PROMOTES RELIEF FROM SIGNS & SYMPTOMS – such as leaking while sleeping constant dribbling dribbling in younger pets when excited stains on carpet puddles on floor
  • 100% NATURAL PET MEDICINE – our chemical free formulas have no known side effects and are safe for long term use. They may be safely combined with other HomeoPet products or with other medicines or treatments
  • MAY BE USED FOR PUPPIES KITTENS YOUNG ANIMALS AND SENIOR PETS – Our all natural chemical free formulas are suitable for pets of all ages
  • EASY LIQUID DOSING MEDICINES – Easy to administer on food/treats/snacks or in water. GREAT VALUE with up to 90 doses per bottle depending on weight