Healthy Hounds Tummy Settler (100ml) – Up to 20 Servings – Diarrhoea Treatment for Dogs – 100% Natural Fast Effective Tummy Settler for Dogs, Stomach Upsets, Loose Stools, Wind, Digestive Disorders


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  • FAST RELIEF TUMMY SETTLER: Our fast acting digestive supplement provides effective positive results in controlling and fixing bouts of diarrhea and stomach upset in dogs. Naturally restoring your dogs gut health and removing toxins.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE THAN KAOLIN: Our diarrhoea suspension is easy to administer with the included syringe and the veterinary formula is more effective than Kaolin as a tummy settler for your dog.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT: This effective and rapid formula is highly absorbent. Containing Montmorillonite which binds to toxins in your dog’s body effectively removing them through the stool.
  • CAN HELP WITH ALLERGIES IN YOUR DOG: The action of removing the toxins from your dog’s body can also help with allergies that your pet may have.
  • MADE IN THE UK: Healthy Hounds Tummy Setller is made under strict controls in the UK. It is natural and made to a veterinary formulation.