Hamster Food and Hamster Treats Set – My Degu Apple Sticks Bundled with Harry Hamster Food and Harry Hamster Treats for Nutrition and Enrichment – Dwarf and Syrian Hamster Chew Toys


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  • Essential Value Bundle of 700g Hamster Food 120g Hamster Treats and 50g Apple Chew Sticks to Meet all Your Syrian or Dwarf Hamster Nutritional and Dental Needs.
  • Apple Sticks are a Natural Hamster Toy that will Ensure Teeth are Kept Short and Healthy. The Chew Sticks also Provide Hamster Enrichment and are Boredom Breakers and an Ideal Hamster Toy. The Sticks are 100% Organic Natural and Safe.
  • Harry Hamster Food 700g Encourages your Hamster to Forage with it’s Varied Mix Including Pea Flakes Flaked Maize and Seeds.
  • Harry Hamster Yippees 120g Hamster Treats are a Great Way to Help Train and Tame your Hamster. Made With Carrot and Apple they are Baked for Freshness and Flavour.
  • Provides Healthy and Safe Hamster Food Treats and Enrichment in a Convenient and Complete Bundle