Fish Oil Omega Supplements for Dogs and Cats – 120 Softgels for Pets – Great for Itchy Dry Skin, Allergies & Dandruff • Furever Friendz


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  • Effective Fish Oil: Our fish oil capsules are made from natural fish oil. They are odorless and unscented so you don’t need to worry about any foul-smelling fish odours. Fish oil is also renowned for its ability to soothe inflammation caused by allergies hotspots mange flea bites dandruff and more.
  • Easy to Administer: These fish oil capsules are easy to administer. Just put the capsule in your pet’s mouth — they’ll think it’s a treat! If that doesn’t work try mixing the capsule in with their regular treats. We recommend wrapping it in a piece of meat or even covering it with cream cheese. You could also open the softgel and squeeze the liquid over food.
  • Helps Relieve Joint Pain: Is your pet not able to move like they used to? At Furever Friendz we can help! Our fish oil supplements are particularly helpful for pets with joint issues. That’s because fish oil can help lubricate stiff joints aiding in better mobility. After giving these capsules to your pet you should notice a significant improvement in your pet’s mobility. Allow up to 4-6 weeks for best results.
  • Promotes a Healthy Coat: Fish oil is known to promote a healthier shinier coat. That’s because it contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s provide needed nutrients to your dog or cat’s fur helping thicken their coat. Omega-3 may also reduce shedding. Additionally fish oil can help strengthen your pet’s nails so your pet can look their best.
  • Supports Health: Our fish oil capsules support both brain and cardiovascular health so that your pet can be operating at their prime. These supplements also help boost your pet’s immune system helping them easily fight against illness and sickness. What makes fish oil so effective is DHA a fatty acid known to improve memory agility and learning abilities.