Extra Select Guinea Pig Food – Dry Muesli Mix with Concentrate Pellets, Flaked Maize, Grass Hay, Pea Flakes for Guinea Pigs with Vitamin C- Small Pet Feed – 5 Litre Tub


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  • Complete Nutrition: Specially formulated with a balanced blend of protein fibre and essential vitamins to support guinea pig health
  • Added Vitamin C: Fortified with vitamin C to help keep your guinea pig’s immune system strong
  • Natural Ingredients: Made with barley grass seeds peaflakes guinea pig hay and concentrated guinea pig pellets to ensure a complete and small animal food
  • Versatile Feeding: Suitable for guinea pigs of all ages and dietary needs an all-round pet food for your guinea pigs
  • Easy Storage: The feed bucket it easily sealed and stored to keep it irresistibly delicious between meals