Easy@Home Vet Pet Urine Test Strips 10 Parameters Animal Urinalysis Reagent Strips Veterinary Animal Detect Urinary Tract Infection UTI Diabetes Bladder Kidney Liver Function 100 Pack


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  • Easy@Home 10 parameters pet urine test strips test your pets level of Glucose Bilirubin Ketone (Acetoacetic acid) Specific Gravity Blood pH Protein Urobilinogen and Nitrite in Urine. Each bottle contains 100 test strips. The test results could provide information regarding the status of carbohydrate metabolism kidney and liver function acid-base balance and bacteriuria etc.
  • Easy Way To Use: Collect some urine in a sterile cup or stick directly in the urine stream if your dog or cat is amenable. Dip one of the strips in the urine for 2 seconds then dab excess liquid on paper towel. After dipping the strip in urine specimen wait for appropriate time. The result can be read manually via color chart on the bottle.
  • Reliable Health Check: Animal Urine Reagent Strips are great tool to help alert you to possible health problems with your dog or cat. Help you quickly and easily check not only the glucose levels but also ketones and other critical health indicators like diabetes UTI or bladder infection of your pets.
  • Easy accurate fast urine testing. Results in Seconds. They are very easy to read and understand. Test for early sign of infection and give a measurement of what is going on with glucose. Allows you to monitor your pet’s diabetes quickly without having to go frequently to the vet for labs.
  • Early detection and twice yearly wellness examinations are key to preventing serious disease. Bringing in a sample of your pet’s urine at the time of a health check can provide your veterinarian with vital information about your pet’s health status.