Cat Door Screen, Reinforced Door Fly Screen Curtain, Fly Insect Screen Door with Zipper, Prevent Pets from Running Out, Cat Resistant Mesh Screen for Living Room, Bedroom, Patio (White, 80X200CM)


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  • 【Keep Fresh Air In and Bugs Out】- Let fresh air air come in without worrying about biting mosquitoes ! Especially in the hot summer bees flies mosquitoes have been wandering in the house. Machine-Ya door fly screen will keep these flying creatures out protecting you from infectious diseases and mosquito and insect bites. Just enjoy a healthy comfortable cool and enjoyable summer.
  • 【Cat Door Screen】- Compared to other fly screen it can effectively protect and isolate pets. No need to worry about your pets running out and getting lost prevent harm from unknown creatures from the outside world. Keeps babies and pets out of danger zones during busy times. Avoids making a mess or getting dirty in the kitchen bathroom or toilet when they are not paying attention. And air convection is maintained in enclosed spaces (such as toilets) to prevent the breeding of bacteria.
  • 【Pet-friendly Door Curtain Fly Screen】- When your pet is unable to get along with new furry friends. You can use this mesh screen door to separate them. They can see and smell each other but they can’t touch each other reducing unnecessary warfare. A useful tool for simplifying the process of familiarity between pets. At the same time it can also play a good role in isolation when introducing pets to some family and friends who are afraid of pets.
  • 【Upgraded Pet Screen Doors】- The patio door fly screen is made of thickened vinyl-coated wire rope which is more sturdy and durable than regular insect door screen. In general this pet door screen can withstand scratches and bites on the paws of small cats and dogs. Continuously and perfectly meeting the actual needs of pet owners. While maintaining fresh air flow and enjoying warm sunlight it effectively prevents mosquito bites and protects your children and pets.
  • 【Easy to install and remove】- No screws nails and other tools required. Apply the adhesive tape to the door frame attach the back door fly screen to it then you’re done! The fly curtain will remain in place for all the summer. It is removable foldable and washable. So when winter comes you can take off and store it until next year. If you want to remove the entire adhesive tape use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive strip gently tear off to ensure the paint on the door is not damaged.