Bunny Bistro Flaked Peas, Dried Pea Flakes for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Small Animal Treat (1kg)


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  • Popular Nibble Treat – Flaked Peas are loved by Guinea Pigs Rabbits Hamsters & most small animals. They are a healthy snack that is sure to help you get closer and interact with your fluffy pet. The hard texture also helps to keep your pets teeth short and maintained.
  • Healthy Treat – Our Flaked Peas are 100% natural. These natural treats contain an amino acid called lysine which is a nutrient that some small animals can’t produce themselves so it is vital this nutrient is provided in their daily food. Lysine helps the body absorb calcium and it also turns fat into energy.
  • Perfect Size – These Flaked Peas are the perfect size for hand feeding your fluffy friend to encourage more interaction they can also be sprinkled over hay or hidden around your pets home to encourage their natural foraging instinct
  • Natural Vitamins & Minerals – Not only do these amazing natural treats contain the amino acid Lysine they also contain a whole host of other natural vitamins & minerals to help your small pet thrive.
  • Sieved & Packed in the UK