Bob Martin K0300 Clear – Spot On Flea Treatment for Small Pets (Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs & Ferrets) – Protection Against Fleas, Ticks, Lice & Mites (1 Pipette), 18.5 x 10 x 12 cm; 9 Grams


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  • KILLS FLEAS TICKS & LICE – Effective Spot-On treatment simply apply directly on your pets skin to kill fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours.
  • SMALL PETS – Specially developed to protect pet rabbits hamsters guinea pigs and other small rodents.
  • HOW TO USE – Simply part your pets coat until the skin is visible place the tip of the pipette directly against the skin and gently squeeze.
  • PROTECT YOUR PET – Prevents re-infestation on your pet and in their immediate surroundings. The active ingredient (Fipronil) works quickly to kill fleas & ticks.
  • PREVENTATIVE CARE IS THE BEST CARE – Use at monthly intervals as part of an effective and regular flea control program.
  • COMPLETE YOUR ROUTINE – Use with Bob Martin Clear Flea Spray for Pet and Home to prevent infestations.
  • NEW & IMPROVED PIPETTE DESIGN – Gives you more control for a precise and easy application
  • CUSTOMER NOTICE – We are in the process of a packaging update for this product and you may receive either the old or new packaging. There is no change to the product itself. Please see imagery for details