Bob Martin Clear – Flea Spray for Cats and Home – Controls Flea and Tick infestations in the Household (300ml)


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  • CONTROL FLEAS & TICKS – This pesticide-free spray works in a unique way by immobilising the flea or tick
  • PET & HOME – Safe to use both on your cat’s fur and in your home
  • FOR YOUR HOME – Spray carpets and soft furnishings from a distance of 30cm applying 17 pumps uniformly across each square metre of surface
  • FOR YOUR PET – Brush your cat’s fur against the lay to expose the skin. Spray 2 pumps per kilo of body weight from a distance of 10cm
  • STOP INFESTATIONS – This products unique ‘sticky trap’ properties work against fleas at all stages of the flea lifecycle helping to stop flea infestation
  • CONTAINS LAVANDIN OIL – Lavandin oil helps to reduce anxiety and has skin protection and repellent properties.
  • PREVENTATIVE CARE IS THE BEST CARE – Protect your cat its bedding and your home from fleas for up to 4 weeks. Re-apply to keep your pet and home flea-free all year round
  • COMPLETE YOUR ROUTINE – Use with Bob Martin Clear Flea and Tick Spot On for clinically proven prevention
  • CUSTOMER NOTICE – We are in the process of a packaging update for this product and you may receive either the old or new packaging. There is no change to the product itself. Please see imagery for details
  • Note: Misuse of this product has been identified before. Ensure the correct dosage is applied within the safe time frames supported by treating the pet’s home for fleas and ticks. Detailed information is on packaging.