Beco Free Range Chicken with Carrot and Chicory – 2kg – Natural & Grain Free Complete Dry Dog Food


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  • HIGH IN PROTEIN – High in protein and good fats chicken helps build muscle and whilst also being gentle on the digestive system making it perfect for those with a sensitive stomach.
  • NUTRITIOUS SUPERFOODS Packed with fresh meat & vegetables including Carrot Chicory & Spirulina. This recipe is gently digestible and high in protein. What’s more we’ve added extra vitamins & minerals to help keep your dog happy and healthy.
  • COOKED LOW & SLOW We slow-cook our meals between 90 – 120˚C so every bite contains the same protein vitamins oils and flavours of the original ingredients. Not only does that mean they’re delicious it provides a diet that has all the nutrients of a meal served fresh with the convenience of dry food.
  • RESPONSIBLY SOURCED The chicken in this recipe is traceable back to a single source in East Anglia. We’ve visited the farm ourselves and guarantee the birds have lived ethical free range lives that mirror their natural habitat.
  • GRAIN FREE Some dogs struggle to digest certain grains which results in gas itchy skin or unpleasant poops. We avoid that by using vegetables and superfoods instead of grains making every mouthful really
  • BECO Love your dog. Love our planet.