Allergy Aid For Dogs -120 Dog Allergy Tablets – Relieves Dog Itchy & Sensitive Skin, Food & Seasonal Allergies – Natural Immune & Digestive Support – Grape Seed & Chicken Flavour – Made in The UK


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  • HIGH-STRENGTH ALLERGY TABLETS FOR DOGS: Is your dog’s deteriorating skin health becoming a cause of concern for you? Is his lush fur losing its beauty because of the constant itching and scratching? Worry not! Our high-strength 618 mg tablet adds a blend of natural ingredients to your dog’s diet bringing down his incessant fits of itching. Our itchy dog skin relief tablets not only offer comfort to your dog from itching but also work on digestion immunity and environmental allergies.
  • WORKS ON IMMUNITY DIGESTION & ALLERGIES – Our itchy dog skin relief tablets are all-rounder. Flaxseed powder and grape seed powder in our dog anti itch tablets are known for supporting digestive health. Flaxseed powder deals with seasonal allergies skin issues and assists in healing. On the other hand Pumpkin seeds support the relaxation of your pet’s innards while brown rice adds the much-need dose of fibre and vitamins to your dog’s diet.
  • DOG ALLERGY TABLETS THAT PETS LOVE: Our dog allergy relief is more effective than the anti-scratch dog spray. Chemical-based allergy alternatives that require surface application can bring real trouble to your dog if he ends up licking them. Unlike sprays our dog itchy skin relief tablets neither leaves any residuals nor add any odour to your dog’s food unlike sprays and oil-based products. The concentrated format begins its working as soon as the tablet is assimilated into your dog’s system.
  • QUALITY PRODUCT: Why spend on costly vet appointments when all your dog needs is a pet remedy for skin discomfort? Our dog itchy skin relief will bring ease to your furry friend & make his life easy. Being GMP-certified lactose & gluten-free it is entirely safe for your pet. If your dog ends up licking all the dog cream for irritated skin our itch relief for dogs is a better choice. It will turn your itchy dog into a happy dog without needing any other itch remedies for dogs.
  • AT ANIMIGO PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO: Choose a brand that cares for your pet almost as much as you do! At Animigo we are a family of pet lovers dedicated to finding the best solutions for pet health problems in a way that comprises the purest natural ingredients. For care that matches that of humans.