Albefer Guinea Pigs Hammock with Natural Wooden Stand, Durable Hanging Hammock Bed, Guinea Pig Hideout for Piggies Chinchilla Hamster Bunny Ferrets Hiding Sleeping&Small Animal


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  • 🐹 【Guinea Pig Hammock】You will get a 40CM/ 15.75in *30CM/ 11.81in wooden table ,2 Hanging Hammock Beds . The space of guinea pig beds is enough to accommodate kinds of small animals. Even a fat guinea pig can sleep on it. Great for guinea pigs ferrets bunnies hamsters chinchillas and other small pets.
  • 🦜 【High-quality Safe Materials】The small animal hammocks are made of high-quality fabric and short fleece which is soft and skin-friendly to the touch comfortable and durable. The legs of the guinea pig hideout are made of kiln-dried pine which is no harm to guinea pigsThis material is easy to clean and can be machine washed and hand washed.
  • 🦔 【Double-layer Design】 Our guinea pig hammock is double-sided so pets can rest hide and snuggle up when they get scared. One side has a glow-in-the-dark feature that allows your pet to play at night. The thickness of the double-sided hammock is beyond description allowing you to provide a comfortable environment for your hamsters depending on the season.
  • 🐿️ 【Multi-Purpose】The wood hammock with stand has an overall size of 16″ x 12″ and a single hammock can accommodate 1-2 different sized guinea pigs. Also suitable for hamsters chinchillas gerbils rats ferrets rabbits flying squirrels hedgehogs and more.
  • 🐇 【Easy To Use】First tighten 6 large screws with the help of L-screw tool to connect the 6 leg posts and the plank then screw 6 question mark hooks into the small holes on the leg posts in turn and finally hang the guinea pigs hammock on the hook. Note: The hooks should face inwards and upwards