AKlamater 14Pcs Rabbit Chew Toys, Natural Sticks for Rabbits, Loofah Wood Grass Ball String for Rabbits Guinea Pig Hamsters Chinchilla


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  • Package Includes — you can getted 5 Natural Hay Sticks for Rabbits 3 loofah toys 1 water grass ball 1 Waterweed twist 1 carrots1 corns 2 apple tree wood sticks and Calendula forget-me-not rose mix Lollipop.
  • 100%Natural Materials –These bunny chew toys for teeth All materials are100% natural includes apple tree wood sticks Calendula forget-me-not rose rattan loofah and seagrass safe for your pets to chew.
  • Molar Tools — These bunny chew toys for teeth has great benefits for pet teeth Rodent pet’s teeth grow constantly so they need to grind their teeth. our chew toys can effectively inhibits the rapid growth of teeth.
  • Alleviate the anxiety of animals — all pets need people around when You have to go to work and can’t accompany your pet Your pet always stays at home alone and they look unhappy. chewing toys can keep them active and healthy at all times while not appearing boring.
  • Fits Most Small Animals — The chew toy kit is suitable for Bunnies Guinea Pigs Chinchillas Hamsters Gerbils Rat Degus Squirrels Holland lop Prairie Dogs and other small animals.