AffinityDNA Dog Allergy Test for 125 Allergens – Home Sample Collection Kit for 1 Canine – Puppy Allergy Testing Kits from Allergy Test My Pet – Results in 4 Weeks – A Complete Kit With No Extra Fees


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  • INTOLERANCES & SENSITIVITIES FOR 125 ALLERGENS: Allergy Test My Pet is an easy & affordable tool to test the proteins present in your dog’s immune system which will react to the allergens being tested if your dog is sensitive to them.
  • COMMON FACTORS AFFECTING YOUR PET: The tests will offer you a complete report on everything your dog may be reactive to so you can alter their food or environmental exposure to the items they are sensitive to so you can determine the safe options for your pet’s diet
  • HEALTH TEST FOR YOUR PET: Results include a custom analysis of 125 food & environmental items that your canine may have sensitivities to including a list of foods & household products you should avoid including laundry & cleaning products tobacco & other household items.
  • COMPLETE TESTING KIT: The Sample Collection Kit contains: 1 x saliva collection device step-by-step sample collection instructions & sample submission form.
  • ABOUT US: AffinityDNA is an industry-leading DNA Testing company with more than 15 years’ experience in the DNA business & established partnerships with some of the most highly accredited DNA testing laboratories in the world.