A-OK9 Calm-K9 – 3x100g Multipack – Calming Supplement for Dogs – Helps with Anxiety Relief, Fireworks, Stress & Barking – Natural Ingredients & Superfoods – Mix with Dog or Puppy Food – Absolute Dogs


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  • SUPPORT WELLNESS: Calming dog supplement that promotes relaxation and supports calmness for dogs with stress reactivity barking and anxiety struggles. Perfect for all stressful scenarios: The calming supplement helps your dog feel relaxed in moments such as a thunderstorms car rides fireworks or unfamiliar people. Helps to support gut brain and training for calm and focused dogs.
  • HIGH-QUALITY NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with safe and natural ingredients: Mood-boosting L-Tryptophan a gut supporting probiotic soothing L-glutamic Acid calming Passiflora and Lemon Balm. This dog supplement is gluten-free vegetarian and manufactured in the UK following internationally recognised standards of quality.
  • POWDERED SUPPLEMENT: Our products have been formulated by our team of vets champion trainers and nutritionists. This team has carefully chosen for a powder form supplement since this helps maintain the highest amount of nutrients and in this form the body absorbs the supplement more quickly and efficiently.
  • EASY TO USE: Our pet supplements are designed to take the hard work out of being your dog’s Health Hero. The tasty powder can be sprinkled on dry food wet food or a treat! Like any change to your dog’s diet start slowly and build up to the full amount over a week.
  • ALL AGES & BREEDS: This dog superfood is helpful whatever the breed age or size of your dog. Can be fed to dogs from 6 weeks old.