4 Pcs Hamster Wooden Platform Shelf, L-Shaped Large Platform Natural Wood Parrot Round Stand Board Mice Activity Pedal Chinchilla Bird Cage Accessories for Bird Small Animals Habitat Toy (L01)


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  • ❀【Package Includes】4 Pieces Hamster Wooden Platform set 1* L-shaped Wooden Platform 3 * Round Standing Platform. Suitable for small pets such as hamsters gerbils mice rats chinchillas parrots budgies parakeets cockatiels and other similar-sized pets.
  • ❀【100% Natural Material】The hamster activity platform is made of natural pine wood. The surface of the small animal platform is smooth environmentally friendly durable and easy to clean. It is non-toxic and completely safe to chew.
  • ❀【Increase Activity Space】DIY small animal cages to provide more space for small animals. The wooden platform is an interesting place for nesting and resting which satisfies the natural instincts of small animals so that they can eat or sleep on the ground.
  • ❀【Easy To Install】Our bracket platform is easy to install you only need to tighten it when you install it. The Small Animal Station Board with metal wing nuts and bolts is easy to hang in the cage and not easy to fall. And easy to clean and resistant to odor.
  • ❀【Provide Playground】Ideal place for small animals to play and exercise so your pet can practice jumping and crawling. Playing on multiple platforms can maintain their health and improve their ability of jumping crawling and coordination bringing fun to small animals reducing boredom.