?????? ???? Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Large, 21cm Dog Food Bowl, Anti-Gulp, Anti-Overeating Dog and Cat Slow Feeder Bowl, Dog Bowls to Slow Down Eating, Puppy Slow Feeding Dog Bowl, Maze Bowl


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  • ✅ ???-???? + ??? ????: Our slow feeder dog bowl is 100% BPA PVC and pthalate free. Built with only with safety-tested materials our dog slow feeder bowl guarantees your dog only eats what you give it.
  • ✅ ???? ???????? = ?????? ??????? ???????: Our dog bowls to slow down eating increase eating time by 8x on average. Prevent choking vomiting overeating and indigestion. Help your pet develop healthier eating habits.
  • ✅ ?????????? ????-?????: Our dog food bowl is non-slip – no more spills with our slip-proof base. This slow feeding dog bowl is designed to be easy and can be easily washed with water or in the dishwasher.
  • ✅ ????? ?????: Our dog feeder bowl is splinter resistant and build to be long-lasting. We pride ourselves on designing products that will last you as long as you need them.
  • ✅ ??? ????????: Protect the place your pets play. We care about the environment. We believe that our slow feeder dog bowl should be good for the environment as well. This product is crafted cruelty-free and safety tested with your pet in mind.